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Willie Crawford, Liz Tomey, Jeff Mills, Matthew Glanfield


Willie Crawford

Willie Crawford has been in the business since 1996 and he has established a big business. He tells us exactly how he Willie Crawford did it.

This is your List Building 101 - step by step.

His method for building a list is easy and certainly different from the usual ones.

Willie has an interesting method for testing a market you are considering. He also shares great information about Joint Ventures and where to find J V partners. He also discusses recurring income products: what to look for and the various types you can find to market.

Willie is a speaker at many seminars and conferences. He talks regularly on Blog Talk Radio to experts in various fields of endeavor.

Matthew Glanfield

Matthew Glanfield burst on the internet marketing scene in 2005. He started Glanfield Marketing Solutions with Matthew Glanfieldthe intent of helping others create their own online businesses and make money from home.

His business expanded rapidly with his affiliate marketing, his own products, his BBO Institute and his videos. He gives great ideas on how to choose an affiliate product. What to put on your squeeze pages and where and how to use one.

He goes into many aspects of advertising. He tells how being a member of a forum helped him get started. He gives his slant on Joint Ventures, testing and the importance of your mind set.

Liz Tomey

Liz Tomey started a direct mail order business in 1998 and expanded into the internet in 2004.

Liz Tomey creates products and services that are needed by internet marketers. She shares where she gets her ideas and how she produces and markets the products. Liz shares her way of doing joint ventures.

Jeff Mills

Jeff Mills - Since 2003 Jeff has sold over $2 Million Dollars worth of products, services and home based business Jeff Mills systems.

Jeff is uniquely qualified to help small business owners and entrepreneurs grow their businesses online and show them – and you - how to make more money while doing very little work.

His outsourcing advice is exciting and encouraging. He provides web sites to go to and advice on how to determine what you can and should outsource. This is an exciting interview showing you how he has used outsourcing to grow a huge income, much of it now being almost on autopilot. He also tells how he has used other peoples' money and ideas. Here's the blueprint for getting started fast.

Follow Their Advice - Add Your Own Unique Flavor and

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From: Hilary Stewardson

Dear Internet Marketing Friend,

Are you slaving away at your current job and not seeing any way out...just year after year of working for someone else and not getting ahead? Are you wondering why some people seem to be able to make big bucks on the internet and you can't figure out how they are doing it?

I was going around in circles but finally I decided I needed to find out what these successful people did that I wasn't doing. How did they get to be successful? What would they do if they were starting all over again? So I contacted several internet marketers I knew were really making it and asked if I could interview them.

    Here are 4 successful internet marketers spilling their secrets, their advice for you.

    Follow Their Strategies!!

    And Build Your Internet Business Quickly


These experts cut right through all that confusion for you. Each of the interviewed experts sets forth concepts and systems for you to implement right now. They are easy to follow.

Why Struggle When You Can Learn So Much

From These Successful People !!

    You Will Hear....

  • what they would do differently - what they advise starting out

  • is affiliate marketing the best way for you to start?

  • how to create your own product

  • what to do when you go to conferences and seminars - and after
  • how to find and keep Joint Venture Partners
  • how and when to use Google Adwords - and when not to

  • how to get better use and re-use of your articles

  • how they get traffic to their sites - ideas for you

  • where to find the people to help you

  • the advantages of having a membership site

  • recurring income delights and concerns

  • what to look for in a coaching program or a mentor
Listen and Take Action

Instead of slaving away at your current job, here's the inside story - the little tips and tricks that you too can use to create a very successful internet marketing business.

Each one of the interviewed experts stressed the need to regard your internet marketing business as a business - to be conducted in a business-like manner. They stressed that a business mindset is very important.

The information they share is exciting. They give you ideas on how you can explode your income and see your business take off... BIG TIME!

No more answering to a boss. You will be the CEO of your business. You st your own hours and take vacations when you choose.

As you listen to the 4 one hour teleseminars you will hear the excitement they feel in extending their helpful advice to you......... This is your online business course by 4 Successful people.

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You Can Be As Successful As These 4 Experts....

Yes You Can


It won't happen overnight. They aren't telling you about get-rich-quick schemes. What is being presented to you are ways to create and operate a successful online marketing business.


    Many people would love to leave their low-paying, unsatisfying jobs but think they need to be technically smart or have some advanced degree to make a business of marketing on the internet. Not so!

Here are the secrets - the road to travel. And that is what these 4 individuals are giving you in these interviews - the road to travel to expanding your income and creating the lifestyle you desire.

These experts fill in the gaps for you and tell you:

  • how to pick a good affiliate product to promote
  • how to find a good niche
  • how to first test to see if there is a market for your product idea
  • how to create your own product
  • how to do this very quickly
  • how to get traffic
  • how to connect with Joint Venture (JV) partners and keep them as friends
  • how to build an affiliate network of people selling your product

The Great Advantages of Having Your Own

Internet Marketing Business

  • It costs very little to get set up
  • You don't need special education to qualify
  • You can operate your business from your own home (or at the beach!)
  • You don't need to hire employees; worry about providing benefits and paying ongoing salaries
  • You can outsource work to be done on a project by project basis as you need it
  • You can work with easily downloadable products (digital) so no need for storage space, packaging or delivery costs
  • And you can sell your products around the world
  • You don't have to be a face-to-face salesperson
  • You don't have to rent shop or office space

Most People Are Afraid to Take Action


If it feels scary, realize these folks did not start out and become immediately successful. They had to learn and try and fail and try again and again until they found what works for them. Each of these folks would like to shorten that learning curve for you.

So Listen, Model and Take Action......

And Discover How to Become a

Successful Internet Marketer

Here's to YOUR Success!